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Name:The Fog
Opening to the public February 1st 2014

How did you get here? You don't know...
Where are you? You have never seen this place before...
In a world abandoned by it's Gods and left to decay to time... it struggles to survive...
Were you looking for adventure? A new start? Something different?
.... No?
Well, you have it now...

Welcome to the Forgotten World

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The world is old... and there was obviously someone here before... but now there is nothing.
Buildings and homes still exist, but they are overgrown and going back to nature... streets are filled with grass and trees, vines cover walls and animals are nesting in abandoned houses...

But wait...

The houses and buildings, while damaged, can be salvaged... There is no shortage of food and building materials... and the power still works. It might require some work, but you can live here easily. The warehouses are full and space plentiful... for some reason, food doesn't spoil and death has no hold here...

It could easily be a paradise...

But what is with that fog surrounding the city? Do you dare try to see what's beyond it...
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